How do you Save a Node?

I’m going through the “welcome-to-xod” tutorials, and I’ve made the node “between”.
How do I save it outsideoft the “welcome-to-xod”? So I can use it else where.

You “can’t”. You can only save projects, not individual nodes. You can sort of get around this by using libraries. A library is just a regular project that you have published, then downloaded. You won’t want to save/publish this as “welcome-to-xod”, but you could create a new project (like “utils” or “examples” or whatever you want to call it). When you publish a library, it will take the project name (like “utils”) and append it to your username (so your library would become donald-emerson/utils). You can then add library donald-emerson/utils so that it becomes like the built-in xod code so you can use it in any of your future projects.

See & for additional information.

Since you have this new node created in “welcome-to-xod”, you can open a second XOD window with a new project that will become your library, then copy the “between” node from “welcome-to-xod” to the new project. You can’t actually copy the patch, but you can open a new patch called “between” in the new project, then copy all the contents of the “between” patch from “welcome-to-xod”.

Wow, thank you so much for your fast response. Appreciate your help.

Per what donald-emerson wanted to do…I too…would ‘vote’ for XOD ‘update’ that would provide the ability for each individual XOD user to have the ability to create and ‘easily’ save our special nodes/patches.

There are many threads about handling libraries, use the search engine and several will appear.

Now I give you a simple example of how to make your library.

Start a new project, rename main to my-node and save it as Multiple file project (the name must not end in .xodball) example my-node and save it to the desktop.
Now another new project, my-node-2 and repeat the previous operation.

Now on the desktop open two folders, my-node and my-node-, rename my-node to my-lib, open my-node-2 and copy only the my-node-2 folder to my-lib. If you open the project.xod file, you can edit the two nodes of the library.

Copy that folder to \you-user \ xod \ __ lib __ \ and open XOD, your library will appear in the listings.

Thanks cesars for the explanation and process.

FYI: cesars description of copying files to __lib__ folder is just manually installing a library that you have a local copy of. Publishing your library and then adding the library would do the same thing (but cesars instructions do not make the library available to others like publishing it would). Which process you should use is just a matter of preference.

It is correct, omitted to publish it.

You can publish and go to the online account and hide it.

I have requested an additional feature, because since the library can be a personal project that works with the cloud, it would be better to be able to mark hidden before publishing it.

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