How to backup newly created nodes

I ran into a problem with my newly created nodes disappearing when copying xodball file to a flash drive and downloading onto another laptop.

Where are the newly created nodes stored ?

Newly created nodes will only be part of the project they are created in. Copying a xodball will copy all these nodes.

If you want them available to all of your projects, you need to upload them as a library, then install that library. Publishing your libraries gives you the advantage of having a copy stored on the XOD server if you should ever lose your personal copy. If you used a node from a downloaded library on your 1st computer, you may need to add that library to your second computer. Going to the first computer and viewing the node inspection window for the missing node will show the full path for the node (including the library if it is from a library).

I have discovered that the problem of “missing recently created nodes” on my new laptop is much worse than I realized……as I have discovered that ALL nodes are not being loaded, even those that came with XOD installation !!!

Perhaps it is a problem of file pathway, as the xodball files were created on my old computer under the User > daveb and now on my new laptop it is
User > dave bowden. and hence, all of the old xodball files can not find any of the nodes !!!

Did you do a XOD install on the new laptop? If you have, you will want to check your workspace. Find path to workspace by selecting File > Change Workspace. Browse to that folder, and there should be a __lib__ folder. This sub-folder should NOT have any xod* folders (xod, xod-dev, etc.).

Thank you very much for your quick and thoughtful responses. I will be putting my nodes within a library from now on.

Problem resolved !!!

Turns out , my new laptop is a Gateway notebook and responds to a light touch on the keypad for all selections….except however, when it comes to “double clicking” on the node !!!
Must do a hard click !!!
Light click for selecting main and patches, but must depress keypad til it clicks for nodes !!!?

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