W5500 Ethernet card


Hi, so I like the concept of xod, and I like the idea that this will let me iterate quickly.
However, I don’t yet understand how I can take something like the w5500 libraries and create a custom node. I’ve already written some of the code I want in normal C++, but am completely confused how to translate this to a patch based system. I guess more specifically… Is there a way to Auto generate node types from class architecture in the normal C++ libraries?
If I have to manually write it myself… Not great, but doable.


update: I found the w5500 node. and have figured out that auto generation can’t be a thing… yet.
Looks like I’ll be creating a bunch of new nodes for myself then.
Is there somewhere I can see a tutorial on how to use Github, or some other thing to share my sensor nodes?
Never going to become popular if I keep my code to myself… :wink:


You can use File > Publish Library to make a project available for everyone to use. Generally, libraries do not have a main node, but just a collection of nodes to re-use. One or more test nodes can also be included to demonstrate how the other nodes can be used.