W5100 ethernet chip XOD compatibility


I have a Freetronics EtherMega board which is basically a mega board with onboard ethernet.
They say ( the manufacturer) it is the same as a mega board with an ethernet
shield attached.
The board uses a W5100 chip.
XOD documentation and nodes refer to a W5500 chip.
My question is can i use the board with XOD or do i have to fall back to using Arduino.IDE

looser. :worried:

The xod-dev/w5500 library uses the Ethernet2 library, which is compatible only with the W5500 chipset.
However, if you prefer to code in XOD, I suggest you wrap the original Ethernet library with the nodes, share it with the community, and use it in your projects :wink:

Thanks brusher, for your quick reply,
I much prefer to code in XOD because i have very limited C++ skills,
To create a wrap of the original library is way beyond my skills.
If there is anyone out there that is willing to give it a go i would be greatly appreciative.

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