Controllino support

Hi guys,
i am new to this forum and to XOD.

XOD looks tremendously promising to me and the things i’d like to realise with Arduino.
As i am in an industrial project i’m going to use controllino

I assume at the moment controllino is not supported by XOD as i cannot chose it in the upload dialog.
What needs to be done to support controllino with XOD?

All the best


Controllino is cool. Although adding new boards support is not a trivial thing currently, I see Controllinos are “simple” Arduinos put into an industrial wrapper. That is, you should be able to program one with “Arduino Uno” chosen. For port mapping see

We’ll add an adequate way to support custom boards without touching XOD code later this year.

Hi Victor,
thanks for your reply. I tried to upload code with the choice of Arduino/Genuino Uno. However, i ended up with tons of errors and thought it would not work.

I just saw a tutorial on Controllino and realised Controllino Maxi (which is my type of device) is basically a Arduino/Genuino MEGA.
So i tried again and was able to upload code the Controllino by choosing Arduino/Genuino MEGA or MEGA 2560 (ATmega2560) during upload process.
In case anybody else tries XOD with Controllino - this might be helpful.

I am going to start a bigger project with the Controllino now and am curious how far i can get with XOD as to me its much more intuitive than writing the code.

Thanks a lot and i guess i will come back with other questions soon :wink:
Best Tobias