SPI Nodes / XOD Library?

Anyone working on creating a set of SPI nodes / XOD Library?

Thought I’d ask again…

Bump ??

Hi, @robertspark!
The XOD SPI library is in development now. =)
We hope to introduce it soon.


Thanks very very much

And thanks for XOD and all you’ve done for it

Any news on this?

I assume its what I need too.

I’m new to XOD and Arduino, and getting a compile error (“fatal error: ‘SPI.h’ file not found”) when adding a [wayland/ssd1306-oled-i2c] component, and “simulating” with it.

So not sure if theres another way to add an SPI.h file ? … but still searching online.


You can’t simulate this device, that is why you have received the error.

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Awesome, thanks for the explanation, saves me days looking for a reason!

There may be a way in the tool (i’m new), but if not … it would then be nice to have some simulation exclude option / wrapper / branch for non-supported nodes … so flows don’t have to be modified to simulate… also like an {IFDEF} I guess.