Wire.h not found

Hello guys,
I cannot simulate my rtc Project. This is the failure:

Generating C++ code for simulation… Building…

/ws/sketchbook/fef452e849c5921b22a43f901f232a1181d064935e73cc68aba662b0888ccdb1/sketch/sketch.ino:963:10: fatal error: ‘Wire.h’ file not found #include <Wire.h>

Library xod-dev/ds-rtc is installed.

Why xod cannot find wire.h and how can I get it?
Has anybody an advice?

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Have you installed the Arduino ide

I’m working with arduino ide but I can’t find installation path.

The quick fix should be to just code the xod code to the ide, compile and upload

Check you have the correct board / microcontroller listed… Uno genuino etc…

OK found all the arduino libraries, incl wire.h.
But how to implement in xod?

Sorry I’m an absolute noob in xod by now.

cannot simulate external library