Is there a Xbee Node

Has anyone created a node for Xbee serial communications?

Hi dancotterell314
I have taken a look at the available library’s for Xbee and it would be VERY complex to implement in XOD from what I have seen.

Maybe in the future we will see this but there are a couple of things that need to be worked out in XOD first. (proper handling of callbacks ect…)

Hi Bradzilla84

I guess I should start learning C, because XOD is still a long way from being useful for doing bigger projects.

Thanks for your help, Dan

Hi there! XBee is a transport. When configured to be a transparent serial port XOD and Arduino board knows nothing about XBee. They just communicate via serial. It does not matter whether a wire, Bluetooth, or XBee is behind the serial.

So, to a some extent, XBee is supported already. See If you’d replace the two wires with a couple of paired XBee’s, the effect will be the same (wireless though).

Thanks Victor, I will just have to figure out how to configure the Xbees.