UART and Serial In/Out eta?

Those TX/RX pins are ultra important. Other than the lack of those, I love this program and would use it everyday. Unfortunately, every project I make requires a form of remote user interaction, so I am still stuck using Arduino IDE, Atmel Studio, Eclipse for now :frowning:

Are we working on getting this implemented? Do we have an ETA?

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Hello and welcome!

No ETA yet, sorry. I understand the importance and because that’s a so fundamental thing it should be thought very carefully. I plan to build a plan :slight_smile: on implementing it in few weeks. I guess it would take other 2-3 months to release the feature. Yep, it slow, but I didn’t get an idea how to make it faster.

@nbourgeois, what kind of use-cases are you initially interested in?

I used an “interesting” mechanism in my midi library that may be applicable (related to the Help debugging states with dc-motors post).

Would it be useful to develop an interim solution?


The Arduino Uno only has 1 set of RX/TX pins, however the Adafruit Feather has multiple sets.

My Need:
I need XBee communicates to work with Arduino (& Adafruit Feather) over its serial ports of tx/rx to communicate commands and report timing/datalogging information to python running on a raspberry pi.

Here are the wiring diagrams for reference.