How to exchange data with computer

Dear all,
Sorry for this noob question. Ive assembled a scheme with a thermometer. In Arduino IDE program I used a com port display (with a magnifying glass icon) to see the data from the sensor. But I cant find it in XOD. Please help!

Hello and welcome!

Add a xod/core/watch node and link it to a value you want to monitor. Then upload with “Debug after upload” option set. And you’ll see the values.

A video from my recent post demonstrates just that.

Alternatively, use xod/core/console-log node to send arbitrary text lines.

Thank you so much! Great!

Sorry, nkrkv, for mentioning it in this topic, but you helped me so much last time. I have crated a new topic, but there are no comments

TM 1637 7 segment indicator

I can not think of a way to control this thing, there are only 4 pins there(