Sensor visualization

Hi, how can we visualize sensor data in XOD?

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Hi, @mitko
Right now there are no visualising tools in the XOD IDE.


  • you can show it up on your device display, using xod/graphics library.
  • Or you can send it to the feeds and see the chart in the browser.
  • Or you can store the data using table-log in a table, so it can be exported as tsv (tab separated values) and then you can put these data in Excel / Google Sheets / etc.

I hope it solves your task.

Any examples, please ?

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Pruebe hacer esto, usando xod/debug/watch


después cargue su programa y comenzará correr su debug.
Hasta ahora a mĂ­ me da buen resultado.
Nota: es posible que usted tenga transformar este valor para verlo en la unidad de medida que necesita.
Espero que esto le sea Ăştil.

I can’t see the pic.

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