Where should I look for help? I am a noobie

I am new to Xod and pretty new to arduino. I am trying to turn on heating elements with bluetooth and be able to monitor the temperature on the phone as well as a screen attached to the heating elements. I would like the temperature to hold at the required temperature. I am new to the program and seem to be getting lost. Is there a manual that I could print out that might help me? It seems like it should be simple but I am a bit overwhelmed.

A rather ambitious first project. Start simple and keep adding to it. Connect temperature node to a watch node and run in debug to make sure it works (not simulation mode… that can’t handle hardware like temperature probe). Add display to show temperature. Once that is working, add relay for controlling heater. Lastly, add Bluetooth module and code to control it. Adding Bluetooth is going to be quite a bit trickier than the rest of the code.

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