Grove LORA radio (868MHz) support request


Long range radio transmitter for collecting data or controlling projects, FCC compliant, no licence required.
Pin 1, TX of UART
Pin 2, |RX of UART
Pin 3, VCC Power supply, 3.3V or 5V, ~ 20mA average.
Pin 4, GND

Looks like it should be easier to setup than XBee.

Sorry, I have to move the topic out of “I want a node” because it is vague. What should the node do? What are the inputs and outputs? Please, follow the template when you post to “I wand a node.”

What’s for LORA you’ve mentioned, as far as I see it acts as a transparent serial port. So it should be enough to just use xod/uart to get started.

Hi Victor
I am sorry that I did not understand what you were looking for as far as detail.
LORA is a transmitter / receiver that can send data for up to a couple of miles wireless.
It is supposed to be much less complicated to use then the XBee units. Plus LORA is quite a bit less expensive to buy


Were you looking for the Standard Arduino LoRa Node with LoRaWan or the LoRa Lib from Sandeep Mistry for direct communication?

Hi Brad
I have the Grove LORA radio.

I have included the list of features for the Grove LORA and a link.

I didn’t think there would be a number of types of LORA.


  • Using RFM95 module based on SX1276 LoRa®

  • Inputting voltage: 5V/3.3V

  • ~28mA(Avg) @+20dBm continuous transmit

  • ~8.4mA(Avg)@standby mode

  • ~20mA(Avg) @receive mode, BW-500kHz

  • Working Temperature: -20 – 70℃

  • Communication Interface: UART

  • Simple wire antenna or MHF Connector for external high gain antenna

  • Working Frequency: 868MHz

  • +20dBm - 100 mW Power Output Capability

  • Size: 20*40mm

Thanks, Dan