[I want a node] Use of radio link to record temperature

Hi . Has anyone used XOD to use nRF24L01 and DS18B20 ?
I wish to use the ds18b20 sensors to record the outdoor air and ground temperatures and use the radio link of the nRF to collect the data and send it indoors for display.

You can use the 433mhz node to do that. I asked the creator of the 433mhz node to make a nrf24 node as well but he’s super busy right now, but in the mean time look up wayland 433mhz nodes. They are awesome. As far as I know. There isn’t a nrf24 node available yet.


Hi Uther2017.Thank you for your reply. I have nRF units so I was wondering if there was a node for same. Ok on the 433Mhz units but I don’t have any at moment but I will look at the site you suggest and familiarise myself with the setup first. I am a beginner to both Arduino IDE and XOD and found XOD much easier to work with.

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