LoRa Adafruit RFM95 and XOD

Hello. I have two RFM95 boards from Adafruit that allow the use of 5VDC and a couple Adruino Unos. I have one wired for send and one to receive. They work well. I followed “Example One” from Dronebot workshop at this link…

Using the Serial Monitor on the Arduino IDE I know the boards and circuits work.

Problem is I am clueless as to in depth coding. I have been using XOD for a few years and love it (THANKS TO ALL WHO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE).
I have tried messing around with the send and receive nodes from the antoniorrg/lora-k0515-keystudio-etc but so far nothing works for me. I like to have an LCD connected to each so I can see the data, but they just get blanked out soon as I try to use the send/receive nodes … I’m clearly doing a lot wrong.

Here’s what I really want to do… simplest version:

Have a “number” in an UNO (say from a ds18b20 reading or a POT value) and send it to a second UNO to display the temp or adjust a servo.
One way connection is fine.

Any advice?
Have I missed something obvious?

(The Adafruit version of the Lora boards is basically like many others out there but they are not limited to 3.3VDC controllers. )
(I’m not looking for anything fancy, like to connect to iot/LoRaWan etc… just basic send from one Uno to another.)

Great to hear you’re working with LoRa and Arduinos! For your setup, here’s a simple approach:

  1. Sender Arduino:
    • Read the sensor (like ds18b20) or POT value.
    • Use the send node from the antoniorrg/lora-k0515-keystudio-etc library to transmit the value.
  2. Receiver Arduino:
    • Use the receive node from the same library.
    • Connect the output to an LCD display node to show the data.
      Make sure both Arduinos are on the same frequency/channel and that your wiring is correct.
      If the LCD goes blank, initialize it only once in the setup, not in a loop.
      Try sending and receiving a simple value first. Once that works, add the LCD display.