How to use ESP8266 with Arduino UNO for WIFI connectively

Hello Forum!

When i started with Arduino serveral years ago it was to struggle with code-writing but now with XOD its is great!

However I ran into a problem. I was using a LoLin NodeMCU V3 as hardware but as I am to use a 5V relay and also 1-wire sensors DS18B20 with quite long cables i changed over to a Arduino UNO that is running 5V signal voltage instead of 3.3V.

The question I now have is the WiFi connection!

On the NodeMCU i used “xod-dev/esp8266-mcu/connect” and it works great.
To the UNO I had a Adafruit CC3000 Wifi connected. But as that was not supported in XOD I purchased a ESP8266 ESP-01S card. Thinking of the “Welcome to XOD- exercise - 112-stand alone internet” that mentioning that this could be a usable way.

I thought just to change ut the node in my program to “xod-dev/esp8266/connect” instead of the one for the mcu-board.

But how to wire the ESP8266? I cannot find a XOD example. Is it OK to use the RX/TX pins on the Arduino or should i use other pins to keep them clear? What is the node expecting?

I also believe I need to lower the signal voltage to 3.3V with resistors, not a problem or can I connect it directly as in this example from the web? :

Hope you all understand my questions. Thanx in behalf!

No answers here.

But I can update that I had to move back to the NodeMCU-unit as I ran out of memory on the Arduino Uno. Works greate and for the relay coil 5 volt is available from the VU-pin that is USB-powered.

However i have a problem with the XOD cloud-store and will create a new topic for that.

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