What board do you use more often?

As you know, we’ve started only with Arduino boards support. Raspberry Pi isn’t ready at the moment.

We have many ideas and many tasks. And RPi support is one of them. Maybe we should consider supporting other boards? ESP8266/ESP32, STM Discovery or Nucleo, whatever?

To help us prioritize better, please, write what’s your favorite board and why. What kind of project have you done with it?


The Arduino UNO will be the first board for an overwhelming majority of users I think, so you already got that covered. Personally, I enjoy the ESP8266 (and its newer ESP32 successor) because of their built-in wireless connectivity, but the ESP32 isn’t quite completely supported yet by Arduino at this point, so it might be a bit too early to make the switch.

A Raspberry Pi is probably not the kind of system I’d want to program with XOD, due to the complexity of the hardware. Rather, I’d like to see mid range ARM microcontrollers supported, like the STM32 series. Olimex has a few very nice development boards for them.

  1. esp32
  2. raspberry
  3. stm32…

But its just my prefered environment because there are on my desk.


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I use :

  • NodeMCU amica v2 ;

  • arduino uno

  • arduino mega

  • arduino mini

  • i plan to buy orange win plus and maybe an recent version of orange pi zero

Sort of project i made or plan to make :
toys for children, smart car for children.


Arduino nano is my go to for most prototyping things, and DigiSpark/stump boards for deliveries as they are so small.

Making those solid, and keeping it easy to retarget at least across Arduino line, would help.

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I’m using Pro Minis (low mass for micro drones), 3.3v Nanos (low power, good for other battery-powered things), Pro Micros (HID-compatible) and an Uno because I’ve got one.

I want to start experimenting with the ESP line this coming week.

I use the Adafruit Feather family of boards. They get all my needs met with battery usage, wireless comms and datalogging.

It would be nice to have a simple way to create/add a new board with simple dropdown menus of each pin, microsoft visio style. If this is already possible, please let me know!

Feather is cool. I don’t have one yet, so can’t add the support for it and test closely. Will buy it to try.

Meanwhile, you could check if it works by simply passing the code generated by XOD through Arduino IDE with Feather as a target board. Support for its peripherals could be implemented as a XOD library.

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  • Uno, of course.
  • Mega because I have some, am familiar, and they have more pins.
  • Miscellaneous Arduino’s as it happens.
  • Pi (mostly python).
  • I’m looking at the BeagleBone, seems better engineered/capable than the Pi. Python. But if you could do PRU stuff, that would be amazing.
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  1. STM32
  2. ARM Cortex based mcu’s
  3. Atmel Atmega series
  4. PIC 16F and 18F series.
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ESP8266 boards would be a huge boon. Especially if the libraries could automagically be loaded into the sketches based on what nodes you use in Xod

ESP8266/ESP32 definitely, than maybe STM32 or other cortex mcus and some of the recent PIC’s


it is a one pcb computer and runs WIN10 great for your backpack.
it has an internal arduino leonardo. you can run VVVV XOD Arduino IDE
I often travel for business and still enjoy working in the evening.

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please do ARM first.
thank you