Node mcu / wemos d1

i am trying to upload to a nodeMCU (or wemos D1 mini)
what do i choose at the board model ?


ESP8266 is not supported as a microcontroller target yet in XOD. An ESP8266 module now can only be used as a slave device in the AT-command modem mode.

We’ll add more target boards (and NodeMCU as well) later this summer. See #1206

I’ll wait to summer :slight_smile:

When you say summer - what part of the globe are you in? :slight_smile: ESP8266 would be very cool

If the summer goes on until we bring ESP8266 support, I would prefer it to never being done :slight_smile:

Well, there were many tasks that had to be done prior to it, but we have a plan to deal with ESP8266 in the release after the next one. In other words, in 0.25.0. Can’t give a precise forecast, but it will be very soon.