Cloud Simulation not working

I have just heard about XOD recently and started getting to know it, but while still going through the tutorial, I cannot run the simulation.
This is the Deployment message I receive:
“Generating C++ code for simulation…
Network error: can not compile in the cloud. Check your internet connection.”
I saw in the Forum that this same issue being resolved in 2021 some time, but for me, it is still real in 2023.
Would appreciate some help to get past this or find a way to simulate locally.

I’ve just checked and the simulator is working for me in both the Desktop IDE and Browser IDE. It might be worth trying again, in case the issue has been resolved.

An alternative to using the simulator is uploading the patch to a supported microcontroller board. You will need to use the Desktop IDE. From the Deploy menu select Upload to Arduino…

Choose your board model and select the appropriate port. Don’t forget to tick the checkbox for Debug after upload

Thank you for the very prompt reply and also the detailed alternatives.

The situation is still the same as before -
Could this be related to my location? Is the cloud open for all countries?
How sensitive is this connection to latency and low bandwidth? Is there a way to change any potentially limiting timeouts?
Thanks for an interesting package.

I’m afraid I don’t know how the simulation mode is implemented. I’m not a member of the core development team, I’m just an enthusiastic contributor. I’m based in the UK and I’ve not run into any issues using the simulator, but I rarely use it. It’s a nice feature, but you can work through the tutorials without it, so long as you’ve got a microcontroller board.

In addition to the tutorial material on the XOD website, there is also a new guide for self-paced learning: Free XOD guide for rapid prototyping

Thanks Matt, for your engagement and support.

I will follow your suggestions as time allows and hope to find this visual programming useful.



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