Free XOD guide for rapid prototyping

New: expanded 2023 handbook for XOD workshop training and self-paced learning from Biomaker

Now freely available to download as a PDF. Doubled in size to over 200 pages, and includes new material for Stages 1 and 2 of Biomaker training (based on the Seeed Studio Grove Beginner’ s Kit). The new Guide focuses on skills and information required for building prototypes with Arduino microcontrollers and sophisticated off-the-shelf electronic components. It introduces the use of the XOD no-code programming environment with the Seeed Studio Grove Beginner Board as a simple multifunctional microcontroller board. Designed to catalyse extended experimentation with new sensors, displays and actuators, the extended guide contains detailed descriptions of the embedded hardware, as well as a list of external devices - along with the XOD libraries required to use them.

While it is intended for biologists, tackling the construction of scientific instrumentation for customising experiemnts, I think that the content ought to be more broadly useful for early stages of work with XOD, along with some reference material for more experienced XODers. Anyway, free to explore on the Biomaker website at:

Click here to download the Rapid Prototyping Guide 2023: (PDF, 18 MB)