Step-by-Step XOD Tutorial for Use with the Grove Beginner Board

The Biomaker team at the University of Cambridge have created a new booklet and XOD tutorial to help anyone getting started with XOD.

The No-Code Programming for Biology Beginner’s Guide focuses on skills that are useful for creating biological instruments, but can be used by anyone interested in learning to use XOD. We make use of the Grove All-In-One Beginner Kit for Arduino, which is cheap, easy to use and readily available worldwide for around $20.

The guide provides some background information on using Arduino microcontrollers, and runs through a series of 9 tutorials, covering useful aspects of XOD and teaching you how to use each of the devices on the Grove board (LED, button, buzzer, rotary potentiometer, OLED screen, light, sound, temperature and humidity, air pressure and acceleration sensors).

You can download the step-by-step guide for free at:
The XOD tutorial is available as a library: san43/biomaker-grove-tutorial

We are looking to print this guide, so if anyone is willing to help proof-read the document, we can send a free copy of the printed version when it’s available! If you’re interest, you can contact me at


And for anyone interested in learning more about the kinds of biology related projects that Biomaker supports, we are starting a monthly catch-up that is open to all.

You can also check out our Hackster Hub and the Biomaker website for examples of previous projects.

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