simulation not working

Hello, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who developed “XOD” and helped it develop. I am Adnan, I am trying to make and learn software by using xod IDE in my own simple projects. Today, I realized that the simulation does not work in the xod desktop program and the web browser. I get the following warning in the desktop program and the simulation does not work.
''Network error: can’t compile in the cloud. “Check your internet connection.” Also, when I start the simulation in the web browser, the green bar below disappears halfway through and no simulation can be started. and there is no notification or error about it. I would be glad if you help me. have a nice day :slight_smile:

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This has happened in the past & developers where able to restart the server to fix the issue. I’ve sent message to one of the developers; hopefully they will be able to resolve. I’m not sure what their current status is since we haven’t heard from them since soon after sanctions were imposed on Russia due to war with Ukraine.

Hello gentlemen,

The simulation service has got some technical issues. With a little plumbing it is recovered. Simulation should work again.

Thank you for reporting!


Hello Viktor, good to know that you are OK. You and your colleagues stay well.

Merci Beaucoup De Marseille