Cloud Simulation Error

Simulation of patch generates an immediate error. Was working fine until yesterday. Internet is confirmed to be working for all other programs.

Generating C++ code for simulation…
Network error: cannot compile in the cloud. Check your internet connection.


Launching XOD immediately signs me into the cloud with100 compilations.
Re-loading XOD has still not allowed simulation to launch.

Am having the same issue. Have you been able to resolve?

This problem has also been confirmed with another new user that I recommended XOD for their use. The simulation is the most impressive feature of XOD. I assume (hope) they are working on the problem.

I can confirm it is also an issue for older users (Well, I get 117 compilations…). @nkrkv is this something you can help with? Hoping it is not new limits we will have to live with…I only had 11 compiles before I logged in.

Hello, does everyone know a solution? This error still exist. Why didn’t the developers fix it for so long?

Just checked now and still NO GO.

Did you update the IDE recently? I have the same problem and the only thing I have done is update to v0.38. Also what OS are you using I am on Linux, maybe there is a comparability problem? I am going to try reverting to an earlier version to see if that solves the problem.

I have taken the IDE back to v0.29 the same problem is still occurring, which is strange as this was a version I used with no problems. :thinking:

I’m using IDE 0.38.0.
OS is in WIn 10 20H2 19042.1288

It’s not working here either, it seems to work in the online version but I didn’t do much testing. I can’t see any way to contact support…

I have the same problem with my XOD…

Just to follow-up:

My configuration is XOD 0.38.0 on Win 10 Pro 21H1, build 19043.1288

Issue persists and occurs whether I am logged into my XOD account or not. Firewall is also not interferring as even w/o firewall the error occurs.

Frustrating that the developers apparently don’t care …

Developers would probably care if they knew about it. They seem to spend a lot less time on this forum in the last couple years and updates seem to appear randomly with no discussion beforehand. I’ve kind of assumed they are getting back to their “real lives” and putting food on the table, but they do keep pushing updates, so they have not abandoned the project.

So how can we bring this to their attention?

I don’t know. I sent the ones I know about private message through the forum, but I don’t have direct contacts for any of them.

I find it very weird that they don’t have some way to sent a message to someone.

This is the first time I have seen them not respond to a significant issue within a day or two. I can understand them not wanting anyone/everyone on the forum contacting them directly, though.

Gentlemen, sorry for being unattentive. We’re looking into the problem. Will fix it soon.

UPD: Looks resolved. Please, try

I’m still getting the error:

Generating C++ code for simulation…
Network error: can not compile in the cloud. Check your internet connection.

Thanks for looking into this!