Arduino IDE Not Found

Running Windows 10 here and a few months back I moved to the Native Arduino IDE installed from the MS Store and then uninstalled the downloaded Program_Files installed version. The MS Store version is in a hidden/locked folder for security reasons (but I found it ran better in the W10 environment) so on upload of the project XOD detected Com Port 4 (MS) as the active port but was unable to find Ardiuno.
Once I re-installed the separate install version of Arduino it was found easily and worked fine.

Thanks for the App, the Alpha access and I am getting into it slowly. I am not a seasoned programmer so this is still a little new to me. I find in some cases I think programming ability is assumed and that can make it harder to learn fresh (like me) rather than transition from previous environments.

The issue is no longer relevant with the release of v0.12.0

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