XOD IDE 0.25.3 crashes on "Deploy-upload To Arduino" Windows 10-64

First, also deactivate COM4, and test if you list boards
If loading, try loading this driver link

All ports deactivated
Did not load the board list…

ufff … try running XOD as administrator …I do not know how to help you :slightly_frowning_face:
processor? RAM?
On a PC with AMD sempron AM1, and it has 8 GB of RAM, I can not simulate two watch, it needs a more powerful processor, but I can compile and upload

I did try to run the program as Administrator; did not change anything.
Thanks for your time on the matter.
I have an old portable PC, I will get out of my closet to continue, because I am running out of solution too, and would like to get going on XOD…

Darn… the old Portable PC is only 32 bit.!!!

Well, it looks like I am going to have to put this on the back burner for now… PC world not cooperating.
If you have another idea down the road why this is not working, I appreciate.
Thanks guys. :wink:

Look, I do not know if this will be a momentary solution, but maybe you’ll get more complicated.
You can install a Virtual PC, and try an RPM distribution that is X86 xod-client-electron- 0.25.3.x86_64.rpm

But as I said before, maybe you can not with Linux and just complicate more, it’s just an option to your old PC

It would be better to use https://xod.io/ide/