Xod/core/act patch not found in project

I have read about this being an issue but i can not find the files that were spoken of to delete. Basically i did not understand the instructions. Can someone tell me a step by step way to resolve this issue? I already tried to delete the program and reinstall but that did not do it.
i just want to use a 20 x 4 lcd i2c display

what is the problem? maybe the i2c is badly addressing … it can be 0x20, 0x27, 0x38, 0x3F

if “act” is true, in data change … update display

i don’t know if what you say is true or not. but as soon as i drop the node into the project it is highlighted in red and says “patch “Xod/core/act” is not found in the project”. i don’t actually know what the address is for this display but i have never gotten as far as trying different addresses

install xod 0.32.1…in “/user/xod/__ lib__/” delete xod folder

The issue is that you modified one of the core patches & saved the change, creating a local __lib__\xod folder. This is not a problem until you update XOD and you start using your old copy of xod built-ins instead of the new version. Deleting the folder as mentioned in previous post by cesars will resolve this issue.

i have been searching for, “/user/xod/__ lib__/” in my PC but have not found it. We are having the same problem with my sons computer which only installed xod today and has never been used to create a program or patch or node or whatever its called.

i guess i just don’t know what im doing. cause i cant find anything called xod_lib or lib_xod or user xod lib. im just gonna uninstall again then search for and delete anything that has to do with xod.
thanks i know you guys are trying to help but so far im not understanding what you are suggesting

if you use windows, in “user” there is a “xod” working folder, inside it is __ lib__ and it can be xod, I say it can … because if I do not modify the native libraries of xod that folder will not be there.

When I refer to /user/ is your user for example /usesrs/jojenkins/xod/__ lib __ / …

thanks a lot guys, my son found the “lib” it was in a file called olcor that took care of my issue. I had already purged his computer of everything xod and we are now reinstalling to move forward.
again thanks, im sure its annoying to get ignorant questions about things that are elementary to you. but hey, if you ever need to know what shielding gas to use for TIG welding a specific alloy…im your man!