Trying to use UART read

Hey all, i’ve been trying to read Serial Data from one arduino to another using PINS D0/D1 and cannot get the read function to work.

I’ve been able to get the write/Print work since I can use Arduino IDE Serial monitor to work.

Am I way off here on this node setup? Both are UART 0. sender is a UNO and reciever is a Mega.

I tried Gabbapeoples LED UART and i couldnt get that to work either


You need to use two different UARTs on your mega: one for communicating with your uno and the other for communicating with your PC for debugging. Use uart-0 (usb cable connnection) for communicating with your PC. Choose uart-1 (tx 18, rx 19), uart-2 (tx 16, rx 17) or uart-3 (tx 14, rx 15) for communicating with the uno.

Very much appreciated Wayland

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