UART-Problem Run serial and debug at same time

Dear XODer,

used hardware:
Wemos D1 Mini
WTV020 dfp player (com. over serial)

at the moment i make a XOD Patch for the audio hardware WTV020 Player.
The MP3 Player Interface work over serial communication.
I use the pins GPIO1(TX) and GPIO3(RX) from the Wemos D1 Mini.

To communicate over serial in XOD i use uart-0 node between player and wemos.

The device works with hardware switch (digital read) perfectly (pic3)
to play or stop sound respectivly send an command to the device

Problem comes, when i will use the Debug mode and Tweak nodes and/or hardware buttons at same time
then no changes is respond on the debug mode and player want receive any data.
Last picture i can control the device but the debug node show watch (pic3)
Behind the boolean out run, is a Gate wich let Signals throug when uart is init (pic 1)

On Picture 2 you can see the SerialCommands for the Player.

Is there a problem in both ways to communicate with uart and debug at same time?

![2020-06-14 21_33_50-D__XOD IDE_My
thanks in advance


Hi Chris,

As you’ve found, it’s not possible to use the same UART for both communicating with your MP3 player and debugging. I’m not familiar with the Wemos D1 Mini. If it has another hardware UART (e.g. UART-1) you could use it to connect to your MP3 player (the debugger will want to use UART-0). Alternatively you may be able to use software UART ( to communicate with your MP3 player.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for answering wayland,
i will try this with different ports and report back.


At first thank you so much Wayland,

the tip using software UART was the right way.
After a view try´s now i can use gpio debug and tweak´s at same time.
With this its easyer trying stuff.

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