TFT 7735 on Arduino nano white screen

Hi everyone,

So I’ve written my program using the new graphics library, checked and breadboarded with an Uno. I’m now looking to shrink it into a box so uploaded to a Nano.
The same screen and programming works in the uno, but getting a white screen on the Nano.
I’m relatively sure I got the wiring right, and have changed a few leads and ports just in case. Screen still white.
The nano is a clone, uploads using the old boot loader. Could this be a compatibility issue?
Can anyone help?

Hi @steve-gibbons4077

Hope that will help you! You can connct 3V3 to 5V the display will been brighter but more hot!

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Thank you for your help, I was using those pins but in a different order. I’ve mucked about with the order so much it was really helpful to get confirmation from the XOD community.
It now works! what helped was adding 1K resistors in between the data pins.
Hopefully this might help some people in the future.

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