How to wire a 2.4" TFT lcd mcufriend to arduino uno

Can somebody please explain how to wire a 2.4"TFT lcd screen to arduino uno?
I used the library bradzilla84/example 1 but my screen stays white and no images are shown.

I just plugged the TFT lcd screen on top of the arduino uno.
Maybe i have to unconnect the screen and wire it to the arduino uno?

At first glance, the pinout in the example is wrong (CS & RS)

Thanks very much cesars for your help. I have got the lcd running…GREAT!

Do you also know how i can read the Tf-SD card onboard of the 2.4 "tft-lcd and display it on the screen?
I only can find SD-log in the XOD library to write to a SD Card MEM module.

Is there a node to read from this SD card onboard of the 2.4"TFT-lcd?
Thanks in advance, Best regards, Pyropeet

I think the sd-log node with D10 should work.

Thanks for the info.
Yes i can write something into the sd-log with D10 but i am looking for a node so i can read the bitmap from the sd-card.
This bitmap i want to print on the lcd screen.

Do you know some tools how to do this?

Thanks in advance, Pyropeet

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