Possible nodes for 1.8" TFT LCD ST7735 (128x160)?


I am here to ask if the XOD development team has any plans for implementing code for LCD screens other than the 16x2 LCD. I currently have 2 small screens, one being the ST7735 LCD screen and the other being the 2.8" TFT LCD Arduino Uno Shield.

As far as I know, the current version of XOD cannot support these LCDs, even with custom made nodes. If i’m wrong in any way, feel free to let me know. I would love to implement these LCDs in later projects.

Would a modified 16x2 node work for the 20x4 LCD as well? I wouldn’t believe the two are that different in the operation.

gweimer/lcd-i2c-init should work with 20x4 LCD. It is not hard to modify 16x2 node to work with other sizes if protocol to control LCD is similar. This library attempts to work with any similar LCD with up to 4 lines.

Is there any way to get the bigger LCDs working, or does it require nodes not yet created by the dev team?

“bigger” LCDs that use the same protocols would be easy. The ST7735 is not a straight text display with set lines; it is a graphic display capable of printing text, so existing XOD LCD nodes will not help.

The “easiest” solution would be to decide on an appropriate existing arduino library to do the grunt work (like https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/TFTLibrary), then create a XOD library with nodes to perform the desired function; each node calling library functions to do the grunt work. The latest version of XOD makes it easy to include existing libraries, but splitting calls into appropriate XOD patches will still be a bit of a challenge.

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Hi Magic-Mallet


is this what you were looking for? :grinning:

Just a basic wrapper but should get you started.
Any suggestions for additions are welcome.
take a look at the example (there will be more coming soon) got a little side tracked on the MQTT and SD libraries.