XOD New Node's Creation

I’d like someone to make a Node that will work with 20 x 4 and RGB LCD
and is HD44780 compatiable. And will be Serial or I2C compatiable.

Hi! @teddy

XOD standard library has nodes to drive HD447780 based 20x4 displays.
For parallel interface - text-lcd-parallel-20x4
For I2C interface - text-lcd-i2c-20x4

What do you mean by “RGB LCD” and by “Serial interface for HD44780”?

Thanks for the info. These displays are available with RGB, that’s why they have 18 Pins, rather then the standard 16-Pins


You don’t need RGB pins to work with display logic. Use the text-lcd-parallel-20x4 node. For the backlight, for R G and B colors, you can directly use pwm-write nodes.

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I understand that. I’m saying someone should create a node with RGB Control

in one node. I’m sure others feel the same way.

However, I do see what your displaying below to accomplish this task.


Is this what you are looking for? https://xod.io/libs/marcoaita/malibrary/ led-rgb