4 line display PCF8574

I am totally new to XOD. I was wondering how hard it would be to extend the text-lcd-16x2-i2c Node to have 4 lines of text? I have a display that uses the same PCF8574 as the 2 line display.

There are several examples in libraries, including gweimer/lcd-i2c-init to use variadic for number of lines.

Hey thanks for the help for the newbie (me). This looks like it will work well.

The next release (0.31.0) will include the nodes for 20×4 displays out of the box, in the new upcoming xod-dev/text-lcd library. Until that, there are other options, like @gweimer said.

Hi chuber.
I had a similar need awhile back and had to modify the code for the 4x20 display here is the code from the 2x16. It works fine for both LCD screens. The issue I have is I can’t figure out how to save it as a different node. I am not a good coder but thanks to these people I can enjoy tinkering again. Then add the input terminals

Hi, to clone a node, and then modify it follow these steps.

1- Open the node, select all and copy.

2- Create a new node, paste the copied.

3- Save as “Multifile XOD packet” … example: my-lib-mod in desktop.

4- In the library there must be a file “project.xod” (green icon) and node folders with “patch.xod” and “patch.cpp if applicable”.

5- You can move another node folder to my-lib-xod, but there only has to be one project.xod file

6- You can open the project.xod file, edit, add other nodes and save.

7- Go to xod/__lib__/ "user-name" / copy the library from the desktop (you can not always edit the library from here, without a conflict, it is better on the desktop and move or copy here).

8- To avoid losses, you can publish the library, leave it visible or hide it from the browser.