How to change the resolution of an lcd screen in the text-lcd-16x2 code

I have a 20x4 screen, but it looks like there is no code for that, so, how can change the code so it fits the screen?

I don’t have a 20x4 LCD on hand to test this with, but can you try with the node available from importing the attached “xodball” and see if that works for you?

text-lcd-20x4.xodball (4.5 KB)

You can also try if your LCD has an I2C interface, which it doesn’t look like it does… I only have a 16x2 screen to test on, so it would be nice to have someone verify it does work for other sizes.

hi if u havent figure out yet, try the existing XOD library i2c 16x2 double click the LCD u will open it on the next tab…click the retangular node (not-implemented-in-xod) u get the c++ code behind it. go and edit to 20 in line 15,
then edit line 27 too to 20,4…
last insert 2 more lines printLine(lcd…as u see in the code. as a new file both code
then save it as a new name…i got my 20x04 working easily