LCD 16x2 sereial print

Hello. how to get same result with xod. like i have with arduino ide and " LiquidCrystaln SerialDisplay.".
i have 2 arduino nano and one is hooked with 16x2lcd without that handy adapter…so there is now messy wires… if i load that LiquidCrysta SerialDisplay from IDE its works .i can read strings and RPM from another nano with RX and DX,but i cant modify that position where all text is coming.
i dont understant how to use that uart reading and AT printing …i need some exsample how nodes need to set to get that serial readings to my lcd…
i can use that "at print "when i just add there strings what i like and its easy to make all modifikations,but how to do it with serial communication…ähh …

If you don’t have the physical I2C adapter for your LCD, you will not be able to use the i2c nodes to print to it. There are text-lcd-parallel-* nodes that you might be able to use. These nodes accept a string for each line to display on the LCD. The text-lcd/print-at node I assume you are referring to only works with the i2c LCDs. There is an example of how to use it in text-lcd/example-print-at.

Ok thanks for your answering.Now I can stop trying with wrong way.I tough I was right line course that uart work just… fine. Except that…one question… I open serial connection and print out caracters and data…where is that point when I need to place that on my lcd upper or lower —__… is that when I gonna send it ower serial…what is that tric to tell that position…

I know there is no stubid question.there is just stubit people’s.

If you are using one of the text-lcd-parallel- nodes, there are separate pins for strings to write to the first and second lines. Most of these nodes require the entire display to be updated; you cannot update just one part of the display. You can get the same affect by using concat node to join multiple inputs into a single string to display.

i tryed to put picture…

There is that moment when i print data and gonna read it with another arduino nano over to serial. its look good and clear when i look my lcd.
…RPM 850… and variable rpm data works,but
i cant put there nothing for adjusting placement for text or data… best result this moment with lcd text placement is when i hitting space before or after characters to set nice position to lcd…
still cant find o way set another row…
i know that text lcd parallel 16x2 node where that happen easily for 2 pins
i cant use it over serial communication?
my all arduino pins is full allready for relay board and h bridge and tacometer… and thats why i like to use serial communication and one more arduino for lcd display and buttons what i gonna need for my project.
This moment my lcd works just with liquit crystal serialDisplay loaded in my extra nano.
i dont know how to get that nano+lcd combination work just using XOD nodes. that serial reading with
xod…it wont work ,but if i test my lcd with node exsamples they works so my lcd is ok…
i dont get idea how to read data…what stuff there is coming and how to use it.
that “stand a lone” settings what i now using works too easy…just read data and write it on display.and thats why i like to use xod and learn whats going on… and handle that all data what moves there…
i like to see example for that setting how to send data to uart and handle that information with another device.


How to make that with XOD

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