LCD 1202 not working with XOD

Hello folks!

I’ve done almost all the tutorial but I can’t manage to get my LCD 1202 working with XOD.
Cables are correct, LCD is working with basic arduino code, but XOD only show white squares or buggy letters.

I’ve search in Library but didn’t find anything relevant.

How can I fix this issue ?

Seeing the code you are using might show us what is wrong.

Tutorial 26 code

I assume you are using an LCD that has 6 connections, not an I2C LCD with only 3 connections…

Have you set all the input pins on the node to the correct ports? They all default to D0, which is obviously not going to work… Is UPD set to “Continuous”?

Not sure what else to suggest if this doesn’t help.

I’m indeed using a 6 pins connection.

I have set all the pins. I’ve already checked with a standard arduino code, and everything is working outside of XOD.lcd

Besides double-checking pin order (Is pin D4 really supposed to be D5 or should it be D2?, etc.), I don’t know what to suggest. I’ve only used the I2C LCD, so I don’t have experience with this node.

Anyone else worked with this node that would have a better idea what some of the likely mistakes would be?

eventually worked ??? or not ??? I also do not work text-lcd-16x2-i2c