TFT LCD Shield Mega 2560 HX8357C

Hello! There are 3.2 TFT on the HX8357C chip and Mega 2560. Tell me how can I manage them with XOD?
Show an example. I haven’t found anything.

It’s not nice to COMMAND people to TELL you how to do something. I think “Please tell me how to . . .” works much better. Just saying!!

I think it is not an order, it is a translation problem, it usually happens to me too. :wink:

I see your point, I even thought about that a little after I posted my comment, but it does help to raise that point, because I have seen a few “pushy and demanding” requests in the past. After all, people help other people and give them a bit of their precious spare time, which I appreciate tremendously when I am helped. Not trying to lecture anyone here, just my opinion regarding a bit of etiquette on the forum. Sorry if I sounded other than giving constructive criticism.

I understand your point of view, there are many cases that do not ask in the best way.

Since the “command” ended with a question mark, I would assume it is more of a translation issue than a courtesy issue.

To address the original post, if a search for that chip in the built in nodes and the XOD library don’t turn up anything, and existing graphics libraries don’t work with this display, then there is no easy way to control it.

The most obvious solutions are to expand an existing library to cover this chip, or write a XOD wrapper for an existing IDE library for this chip. Neither is trivial or easily done by a beginner. You might want to start with a display that is already supported and maybe come back to this display later.

Thanks for the answer. I would like to use a 3.5 or larger display. But there are no suitable libraries. I think that similar libraries will be useful to other participants too. But, I’m not good at C ++. I didn’t try to order anyone, it’s a problem with the translation.

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