Soil moisture sensor YL-69

Soil moisture sensor YL-38 YL-69 I receive a signal from the analog input, and what module to invert the values of the conjugation? Ie translate into values from 0-100% I’m just a beginner and not fully understood. And most importantly how to commit values when sensor sampling interval (when no polling sensor output is 0 and I need the screen remained previous reading) thanks in Advance for advice and direction.

Try to use xod/common-hardware/analog-sensor to get the raw data out of your moisture sensor. It will provide values somewhere inside [0.0; 1.0] range. Observe the correlation with the measured parameter and use some nodes from xod/math (like log, multiply, map) to convert values to the desired range.

In XOD a node always has a value on output. For sensors the outputs usually preserve the latest read measurements. So, if I understand you correctly, you get the behavior you want out of the box.

Thanks so much. I will try!