Pronlems with xod/core & val

  1. Can’t find analog-input node from xod/core. Where is it?
  2. When I set “VAL” fractional value and push “Enter” it rounds to the whole, why? See this problem on so many PC’s, not shure it’s root cause
    P.S. Sorry I’m just beginner in XOD. Moreover, not the English speaker…

Hi, that value is output can not be modified, only those that are in the upper part of the node

The reading of the sensor is by PORT, the read value goes out by VAL in a range of 0-1

Pretty much what cesars said, but PORT should be the pin # that your sensor is connected to. VAL will be the current value returned by the sensor. You can connect VAL to a watch node and run in debug mode to see what the current VAL is for different sensor settings/conditions.

Ok, but why in tutorial #4, for example is written

you can adjust brightness level by setting values between 0 and 1 to the LUM pin.

I cannot do this.

it correct


  • PORT A0 reads a value of 0-3.3v or 0-5v (according to board)
  • VAL will have a 0-1 exit


  • LUM can only have a value between 0-1
    -PORT if it is PWM (D3, D5, etc), you can control the brightness
    If PORT is D13 instead it only turns on or off, exceeds the threshold value (false-true)

In LUM pin you can connect the sensor, or use only this module and place a constant.

Try the following, and see the results, change value 0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 0.8, 1(PORT D3)
connect LED hardaware a PIN 3

Haha it wasn’t work beacuse I’ve put comma instead point:man_facepalming:
in other programming languages other rules, sorry:)

However, I still cannot find analog-input node from xod/core

analog-read  analog-write
digital-read  digital-write