LMT87 Temp sensor

The LMT87 Temp sensor is a 3 pin device that I suspect might be represented by the analog-sensor. There is a rather complicated mapping (for tight tolerances) and a rough formula (for low tolerance) to interpret the output to an understood value. If I am to use the analog-sensor, how am I to enter the mapping or the formula? If not, can this node be created?

I can also imagine that an LMT87 node can be created from the analog-sensor. Is this the path that is usually followed?

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Hi @stedenis,

A good starting point is the official guide to creating nodes for analog sensors:

You can use the XOD math nodes to implement your mapping/formula.

If you get stuck, post your XOD patch here and Iā€™m sure someone will point you in the right direction.

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