Analog signal to ppm

Hello all,
I am working on an air pollution station with an arduino uno & LCD.
To do this, I am using the node: analog sensor (tagged as MQ-2 & 7).
The values that are coming on the LCD are between 0.0 and 1.0 (thus, in percent). However, I would like to convert them to ppm to make it more accurate, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance!!

The LCD values look like a percentage, but they are not. XOD always returns values between 0 & 1 for analog-read; it corresponds to an input voltage between 0 and the operating voltage of the Arduino. Conversion will depend on your sensor (and likely what contaminates are being sensed and what the temperature is). If you can find IDE code for converting for your sensor, it will be written for sensor values between 0 & 1024, so you will need to multiply the XOD value by 1024 before using their formulas to do the conversion.

There was a previous discussion on this sensor here: Troyka-MQ2 node: link conflict, which mentions a node that already exists to do the calculations for you.

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