Slow simulation


I’ve just started the adventure and have a similar issues but with simulation itself.
It is about 4-8 time slower than it might appear from the setpoints of the nodes (all defaults)

  • XOD desktop app v0.38.0 (or the Web version under Chrome and FF)
  • Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz
  • 16GB RAM
  • Win 10 Pro x64
  • but no standalone graphic card, just Intel HD Graphics 630 on board
  • No microcontroller connected

To reproduce:

  1. open “welcome-to-xod/001-hello” tutorial
  2. click “Simulate”

The “watch” node displays incremented values every 1 second

The value of “watch” node is updated every 4 seconds.

Generating C++ code for simulation…
Running simulation…
Simulation is launched
=== Skipped 266 lines ===
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 171508 6 171.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 172510 6 172.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 173513 6 173.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 174514 6 174.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 175515 6 175.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 176517 6 176.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 177518 6 177.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 178520 6 178.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 179522 6 179.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 180523 6 180.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 181524 6 181.00
:arrow_lower_right: +XOD 182526 6 182.00

The whole interface remains nice and responsive.
XOD processes shown in the Windows Task Manager do not use more than 0,2% of CPU and less that 0,6% of GPU when simulation is launched.

I can confirm ^^ on two independent machines.

Sorry if this topic is a duplicate of Simulation delay


This is a duplication of the previous discussion, but that one is closed. It seems like there was another simulation performance discussion that developers commented on, but I don’t remember details.

Note that simulation runs on XOD servers, not your computer, so power of your computer will have little affect on simulation performance. Multiple users running simulation at the same time could affect performance, but these performance issues seem to be pretty consistent & not related to server load.

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