Debugging very slow

Hello Forum,

after updating to v0.16 it seems debug mode became very slow. It takes a very long time until the watch nodes are updated (5 sec. and longer). Has anyone the same problem?

Hi! Thanks for the report.
Could you please provide an example project?

This takes about 5 - 10 seconds until watch node value changes.

exampleproject.xodball (1.3 KB)

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Well, that’s super odd.
I tested your example project and some more complex ones on a mac and on PCs running Linux and Windows, and did not find any performance degradation.
Which is very unfortunate, because right now I am working on overall UI speed-up, and would love to tackle the problem you encountered as well.

Could you please provide some more information? Your OS, what kind of board you are using, etc. Pretty much anything could help :slight_smile:

Tried to send you a PM.
I have a .txt file with my PC specification but I am not allowed to upload it. :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry. I have authorized the *.txt extension. Now it should upload.

Could you confirm the problem is still persist with new v0.16.1?


Thanks for the authorization.
Will test it with 0.16.1 soon. First I have to update…:computer:


Debugging is much faster with 0.16.1!

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Fine! If so, please, mark the topic solved.

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