Simple LCD menu system


I’ve made a simple LCD menu system with the help of cesars.
I am using the cesars 4051 library for the multiplexers.


hi, when you want to upload an image, press the load icon in the bar, paste the internet address … the image will download to your pc and load in the post
or if this is your pc, just look for the location.

you can also copy and paste from the clipboard


Why not use nth-input node instead of multiplexer and remove the 8-page limit?


the problem with nth-input is that it consumes a lot of resources … at least in my tests

since nth-input does not have an option to enable, the difference is much


Enable option wasn’t being used in this case…Mem savings could be significant as long as you don’t need more than 8 pages.


several chained with nth-input is to throw without resources, but well they are not forced to use my library is more for my personal use

in terms of enable, I’m just saying that you have that option, do not use in the example patch