Latest update is ggggreat

I must apologize, the update topic I read and then got side tracked and couldn’t find it again. I just wanted to say Xod is great! I do need a little advice, I work with numbers on the left of the decimal point using divide before an analog output, plus use LCD I2C for troubleshooting. After the update instead of having a number XX. it now reads XX.xx, so my question is how to get the LCD to not read the .xx when needed?
I think i may have mentioned this before, I love this IDE as you pick a node, connect it, upload to the controller and it happens. No hours on end scribbling code then not having the syntax right somewhere. Please keep up the great work!

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LCD will default to converting numbers to a string with 2 decimal places. If you want something else, you need to convert it before feeding to LCD using format number node.

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Try format-number with DIG set to zero.

Thanks gweimer and nkrkv for the replies. Multiplying an analog input I always had the numbers after the decimal point how ever I was surprised to see it with the count node.