BMP280 to LCD 20x4

Very New to XOD.

I am trying to get bmp 280 to read and display temp, pressure on LCD
but it will not keep reading “ERR” . Maybe to do with the format of the BMP280 output shows as number, I am guessing this is a INT.

Please Help,

Here’s an example of using the BMP280 with a 16x2 I2C LCD:
Screenshot 2020-08-09 at 13.09.16

I’ve used the barometer-thermometer node from my library:

The format-number nodes convert the numeric output from the bmp280 to strings with a specified number of decimal places.

Here is the xodball:
bmp280-lcd.xodball (3.6 KB)

Hi Wayland,

Thanks for your assistance, I have managed to solve the issue,
The I2C address within the Adafruit_Seonsor Library show 0x77 mine is 0x76…

Hopefully others solve it too.

Really like this XOD but causing some headaches, now trying to solve if there is away to great a variable string output to the LCD based on a specific or greater than value from a sensor ?

If you know that would be great ?


Hi Neil,

You can use the greater, less and equal nodes to compare output from a sensor with a specified value. Here is an example you can run in the simulator:

The node at the top is a tweak-number to represent the output from a sensor. You can change the value of tweak-number at runtime. A watch node at the bottom displays the output.

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