Bmp280 device no i2c adress

does any one know why the bmp280 note does not have an i2c adress , when the actual sensor has an 12c port

Which BMP280 node are you using? My library (wayland/bmp280-barometer — XOD) uses the default I2C address (0x77) for the device, but doesn’t provide the option to use a different address.

thank you wayland im usings urs - so what ur saying is i can just connect it to the i2c bus and it will pick up the readings from the sensor , actual im using a bmp180 , i did by bmp280 its on its way in the post ,
but i have read other post on here they recon i can use ur bmp280 node , with the bmp180 sensor is that correct - or do i have to add an libaray to the actual arduino IDE ?

Yes, all you should need to do is connect it to the i2c bus and supply power. I’d need to consult the datasheet for the bmp180 to see if it is compatible with my library.

CHEERS wayland i tryed the ur node with the BMP180 , does not work , i went into the normal arduino ide and added a bmp180 to the library , then went back to xod , opened up your node until where the code is writen then , included the arduino bmp180 library , but for some or other reason it does not want to accept this

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