[I want a node] I2c Sensor request or help for the BMP280

I´m new to the platform and i would like to know if someone has already made a philips bme280 patch for the XOD,i have tried making it myself but at this moment it has been a bit of a failure hahaha.

I have a GY-BMP280-3.3 and am interested in this too.

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I also need libraries for the weather station of such sensors:
BME280 ! - Temperature, humidity and barometer in one bottle.
UV Sensor GY-ML8511
Light Sensor GY-302 BH1750

You all can use dinosalvioni/hwlibrary this has the node for BMx280 devices, (x meaning the variation i.e BMP or BMX), Please don’t forget to thank @dinosalvioni for creating the library that includes this sensor.

I struggled for a while to figure this out but when you have the node in your sketch you have to open it up all the way to the C++ script bit and change the #include BMx280xx.h to the matching sensor you are using like the I2C.h option.

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