Ivanmason/lcd16x2x5button/updowncount Cant get to work :(


This should be something very simple but its driving me a little mad this node as you can see is a simple up down counter


It all works apart from the COUNT (number) Counting by input

My understanding was you can take what ever number you want withing reason
(only stepping by 1000)

Every time you pulse add or subtract it will do that by the amount that you have on that input…

but it doesn’t :pensive: it will only go up or down by 1 no matter what counting by input I use

any help would be great thanks

It is broken.


Should be

  result += count;



Should be

  result -= count;
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Also, max and min not implemented.

Here’s a revised version of the node:

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Thanks for the rapid reply’s all perfect now :slight_smile:

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