Is there a node for indexing

I am trying to resurrect an old 8 channel light string that I built for a Christmas display and controlled it with a C64 commodore. My plan is to cycle one nth node x number of times then take the reset pulse of the greater node and index to the next nth node. If there were only 2 nth nodes I would use a flip flop with a not nod to one of the them. As I am using the select node I need to pick the next enable input then recycle to start over at #1.

I have looked through the forum and libraries and couldn’t seem to see anything.
any suggestions would be helpful


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You want to cycle through all 4 values of the 1st nth-input x times, then cycle through all 4 values of 2nd nth-input x times, etc?

First you will need another count node to know how many times you have cycled through nth-input values.

Rather than use a select to choose which nth-input to use, using another nth-input would probably be a better option. Now you will need another count node to keep track of which nth-input you want to use.

Your first count node will cycle through each nth-input value. When it reaches max, you want to reset this count & increment the 2nd count, which is counting how many times you have cycled through nth-input. When the 2nd count reaches max, you reset it and increment a third count which changes which nth-input you are selecting.

If you want to change number of inputs for each nth-input, then you will need a way to specify max number for your first count node (another nth-input could be used for this). The same is true if you want to be able to change “x” for how many times you cycle each nth-input.

Thanks to the reply. I think I might be on that same path, this is what I have so far. Some of the other routines need different length of nth nodes which added to challenge. It works.

I have written in some comments, had to be loaded up onto a Mega as the uno’s memory is too small.
Thanks again for the reply I appreciate any input

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